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Zest has developed a range of education and training programmes over the past 12 years, developed through,

personal experience, clinical practice, professional development and available up-to-date research.


Training delivered to professionals working with the issues of self-harm and suicide in both statutory and voluntary



- Self-harm/suicide, emotional health talks to young people, parents, teachers etc.


- Suicide and self-harm talks to community groups.


- Alcohol and self-harm training.



Courses Available with Zest


- Self-Harm Workshop


- Impact of Alcohol Abuse on Self-harm and Suicidal Behaviour


- Self-harm: Working with the Intoxicated Client


- The Person behind the Behaviour


- The Family System


- Depression in Self-harm and Suicidal Behaviour


- Crisis Intervention in Self-harm and Suicidal Behaviour


- Bereaved by Suicide


- On being a ‘Real’ Man


- Emotional Health


- The Skill of Referral


- Person-centred Approach to Self-harm and Suicidal Behaviour


- The Skill of Listening


- Problem-Solving in the Treatment of Self-harm


- Alcohol: Use, Misuse, Abuse and Dependency



Courses are modular and can be delivered over half-day, one-day, two-day or evenings.


For further information contact Zest on 028 71 266 999.


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