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Research Guidelines


The Clinical Core Team will assess each application for research under the following six guidelines:


1. The primary focus of any research proposal must enhance the development of Zest’s projects.


2. The Clinical Core team will consider each application from an ethical perspective with regard to services users

in the first instance and staff in the second. The Team will consider each application under the following six ethical

principles as laid down in the BACP Framework for Ethical Practice, namely:


- Fidelity: Trust, confidentiality, legality (Child Protection etc).

- Autonomy: The service users agree fully to their involvement in the work.

- Beneficence: Any work agreed is in the specific interest of the service users and will contribute to their overall

  well- being.

- Non-Malificence: That no harm will come to the service users in any way through their participation in the work.

  This has great significance for the competence of those carrying out the research.

- Justice: That the work will be non-discriminatory and fair to all service users.

- Self-care: That the above principles apply also to the staff of Zest.


3. Priority for research applications will be given to Zest’s paid, voluntary and management teams. Where an application comes from a member of the Clinical Core Team then the proposer will have a non-voting right of attendance.


4. When internal research proposals have been met then external proposals will be considered.


5. If necessary, external applicants may be invited to attend to present an overview of the research request to the      Clinical Core Team.


6. All recommendations of the Clinical Core Team will be ratified by the Board of Directors



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