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Self-harm Intervention Programme (SHIP)


What is the Self-harm Intervention Programme (SHIP)?

SHIP provides people who self-harm with quick access to support and

counselling to help deal with the issues that are causing distress. It

teaches people new ways of coping with problems.


Who is it for?


SHIP is suitable for people who have self-harmed and have personal or

social problems that are causing distress, but who do not need ongoing

care by the mental health services in their local Health and Social Care

Trust. Before you are referred to SHIP, your needs will be assessed to

make sure this is the right service for you.

SHIP also offers a short period of education and support to people

who care for someone who self-harms (eg a parent, partner or friend).


Who provides the service?


SHIP is provided by a network of counselling organisations that work in

partnership with your GP and local health services. These organisations

are listed in the table opposite. The experienced counsellors work to

professional standards and are highly skilled.

Where is the service provided?

SHIP is provided at a range of locations within each of the five Trust areas,

so it’s available to anyone who needs it. Help is usually offered at the

premises of a voluntary sector organisation within your local Trust area.


If I am interested, what happens next?


If you or a family member is interested in this service, your contact

details will be passed on to the relevant counselling organisation.

1. You will be contacted by phone within 48 hours to arrange an


2. You will usually be offered an appointment within a week.

3. Family members or carers will usually be offered an appointment

within two weeks.


Can I have more time to think about using SHIP?


If you are interested in SHIP but not sure about using it, we can still pass

on your details to the service, if you agree. Someone will phone you and

you will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns and ask questions.

You can then decide whether or not you want to use the service.


Is it possible for a parent/carer/friend to get support even if

I don’t want counselling?


Yes, even if you don’t want counselling, someone else close to you can

get some support. Please discuss this with the staff member who gave

you this leaflet and they will arrange it.

Have a talk about the situation with your parent/carer/friend first. The

necessary support can also be arranged by their GP. It might be useful

to show this leaflet to the GP.


SHIP will not share any of your personal information, but will give your

parent/carer/friend advice on how they can help you and how they can

cope better themselves.


What should I do if I feel like harming myself or ending my

own life?


You should contact your GP or the ‘out-of-hours’ GP immediately (see

numbers below). If you have difficulty reaching a GP, you can attend a

hospital Emergency Department, or ring 999 or 112 if you or someone

else is at immediate risk.

Useful numbers:

Lifeline – 24 hour crisis response helpline 0808 808 8000

Samaritans (listening ear) 116 123

Childline 0800 1111


SHIP Co-ordinator:


Name: Conor McCafferty                                              (Click image for more information)

Company: Zest

Address: 15a Queen Street, L’derry, BT48 7EQ

Tel. No: 028 71 266 999

Email: zestni@yahoo.co.uk




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