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Zest welcomes the participation of volunteers in its work, and will do its best to ensure that the time they spend with Zest contributes to their personal development and fulfilment.


ZEST will do its best to ensure that volunteers are satisfied in their work, and that all necessary support is available during the volunteer period. It will therefore ask all potential volunteer’s to complete an application form, it will also ask for two character references to be nominated during the application process and will inform a volunteer when engaged to which particular member of staff he/she is accountable and may refer for guidance and support.








      Opportunities for voluntary work within Zest will tend to be in the following areas:


The volunteer will assist with the administrator and/or Volunteer co-ordinator in understanding and carrying out thevarious admin tasks that go to ensure the daily smooth running of the organisation. Tasks:• Participate in the induction and training programmes of Zest• Meeting and greeting service users and setting them in appropriate waiting area.• Inform the therapist of service users arrivals• Assisting in keeping up to date records as directed by administrator• Carry-out appropriate filling duties and various other admin tasks such as photo copying, letter writing and putting    together information packs• Answering telephone enquires and ensuring message reaches appropriate members of staff• Attend monthly line management meetings for support and guidance from the volunteer coordinator. Fundraising The volunteer will lease with the director of corporate services and the finance officer in identifying and structuringplans for up and coming fundraising events. The volunteer will work within a fundraising team and will meet with the team and the finance officer to discuss possible options for future fundraising events. Tasks will depend upon the fundraising event.The volunteer will assist with the volunteer coordinator in understanding and carrying out the various tasks of advice ad information giving to ensure that appropriate, relevant and up to date in formation is available to service users. Tasks:• Participate in the induction and training programmes of Zest• Assisting in compiling and collating the most current information available.• Assisting in ensuring that this information is available in writing format for service users• Understanding and delivering risk management and crisis intervention protocols to service users• Answering face to face and telephone enquires for advice and information form service users and professional agencies• Where appropriate individual volunteers may be selected to train in and deliver information sessions to local community and voluntary/or statutory organisations• Attend monthly line management meetings for support and guidance from the volunteer coordinator. The Volunteer will lease with the director of Clinical services and/or Director of Corporate services in compiling the most up to date empirical evidence around the services provided by Zest. The volunteer will also assist in the developing and if necessary the delivering of a range of training programmes to relevant Community and Voluntaryand Statutory agencies on the issues of self-harm, suicide and emotional health. Tasks• Collecting CORE measures and compiling reports on service users evaluation reports• Contacting and interviewing ex-service users in order to monitor and evaluate the services delivered by Zest• Assisting in developing relevant training programmes and creating Power Point presentations with a view to delivering the training to Community and Voluntary   agencies on request.• Carry out training evaluation from previous and current participants in Zest training.• Attend monthly line management meetings for support and guidance relevant staff member.Counselling, Mentoring, Befriending & Complementary Therapy The volunteer will lease with the Director of Clinical Services and Volunteer Co-ordinator to assist in delivery oftherapeutic service. This role is usually carried out in conjunction with the academic/training agency where the volunteer is undertakinghis/her professional qualification. Tasks:• Participate in the induction and training programmes of Zest• Comply with the academic institutions guidelines for practice placements.• Undergo an initial period of up to 6 months for assessment of suitability to see service users in a therapeutic environment.• Engage with those service users as allocated by Director of Clinical Services.• Attend regular clinical supervision as well as mentoring support within the organisation over and above the normal clinical supervision expected for the academic course.Adhere to all risk management policies and procedures at all times when engaging with service users.The volunteer will lease with the volunteer coordinator in identifying and structuring the programme of work to ensure that the premises are presentable and welcoming at all times to all service users, visitors and staff. It is everyone’s responsibility in Zest to maintain their own area of work and to open up and close down the various rooms each day. There is a rota that highlights these responsibilities. This role will involve very specific tasks and duties as identified by the volunteer coordinator and director of clinical services. Tasks:• Small maintenance tasks of DIY, cleaning, food preparation, room refurbishment.• It will also involve aspects of shopping, cooking, painting, repair etc.• Health and safety procedures will be paramount in undertaking this role for which appropriate training and induction will be given.• The work will be carried out in all the rooms of Zest locations.• The volunteer will attend regular line management meetings for support and guidance from the volunteer co-ordinator. Admin/it/FundraisingAdvice and informationResearch and TrainingTherapeutic supportHouse Keeping and Maintenance


Criteria for becoming a volunteer with ZestTo ensure that we put the needs of each applicant first we would ask any potential volunteers to inform us of anydifficulties they have experienced in the past which led them to seek support. We will also ask potential volunteersTo inform us if anyone whom they are closely connected with has ever experienced difficulties in relation to self harm or suicide, we ask this to ensure that it is appropriate for someone to become involved with Zests services. If any individual is experiencing difficulties in there personal life which may impact on their role as a volunteer, Zest would ask for a 6 month period to be taken for the individual to seek appropriate support. If at any time when volunteering for Zest an individual is experiencing difficulties which may impact on their role as a volunteer then this person may be asked to take some time to seek support. Zest will also offer support and guidance to Volunteers who are experiencing difficulties.RecruitmentZest intends to recruit on a regular basis through the local press and in accordance with fair employment and equal opportunities legislation. All prospective volunteers will be interviewed to establish what work they wish to carry out including their skills, experience, suitability and how best their potential might be realised. A volunteer may begin training after clearance from Access NI has been received.Induction and trainingAll volunteers will undergo an induction programme that outlines the work being carried out at Zest and education surrounding the field of self-harm and para-suicide. In addition, every volunteer will be given specific training in there own area of work and where possible, will be entitled to receive additional training on the same basis of paid staff.Each volunteer will receive a handbook containing all the necessary around the organisation and its policies and procedures.Equal OpportunitiesZest operates an equal opportunities policy in respect of paid staff and volunteers. Volunteers are expected to have understanding and commitment to our equal opportunities policy.Protection of Children and Vulnerable AdultsAll volunteers are required to undergo Access NI clearance in order to work with children and vulnerable adults before taking up a place with Zest.



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